Vawdrey Archive Project: Meet the artists

Vawdrey archive project artist profile: Jennifer Milarski-Stermsek


Outside In artist Jennifer Milarski-Stermsek seeing some of the Vawdrey archive works

Jennifer Milarski-Stermsek is one of the Outside In artists working with the West Sussex Records Office on the Vawdrey Archive Project. She says she was drawn to the project ‘as it seemed to marry my background in archiving, own lived experiences of mental health and an interest in psychology along with the most important factor, art!’

The mixed media artist reveals she uses any ‘any material that feels right, from film to performance to collage’. “My art practice addresses the unrest within my own mind and body, the way it looks and its capabilities or incapabilities,” explains Jennifer.
The result is work which often uses depictions of hyper-muscled, often masculine bodies and works to respond to the ‘constant bombardment’ of messages regarding ‘how to look better, sexier, thinner’.

“I conform to this in ridiculous ways such as performing as a bodybuilder with drawn on abs or covering my body in cut outs from bodybuilding magazines. I also use cut outs of muscular shapes to represent myself and everything around me,” Jennifer adds.

Jennifer’s first diary from the archive project, for session two, can be seen HERE.
To visit Jennifer’s artist gallery, click HERE


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