European Outsider Art Association Conference 2018: The evaluation report

“I’ve really appreciated seeing people’s passion. That enthusiasm in supporting artists like me to get our work out there but also, that there is some truly incredible art! I was given a round of applause yesterday and I’ve never experienced so much positivity before. I’ll remember that for the rest of my life!”

Those are the words of an artist who took part in the European Outsider Art Association Annual Conference in May this year. ‘The Artist’s Voice’, hosted by Outside In at Pallant House Gallery, UK, was the first time the conference had been held in the country.

Over the three days (4 – 6 May) it featured presentations, film screenings, panel discussions and Q&A sessions, along with creative workshops, live performances, exhibition talks and tours.

The Snapshot Evaluation Report of the event, written by Susan Potter, has just been published and confirmed the event engaged with 23,390 individuals and 63 organisations. The report stated both groups revealed there had been ‘many positive benefits’ of taking part, the list of which included: raising the profile of non-traditional work; enhanced confidence and self-esteem; new skills and professional development; sharing knowledge, skills and experience; exposure to new ideas, practice and thinking.

While the impact upon the arts and cultural sector said it made ‘the creative case for diversity’ and had helped to stimulate ‘new, transnational partnerships’.

To read the full report, click HERE


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