How to find the right art to give as a gift this Christmas

Writing: James Knights. Image: Elemental by James Knights.

Christmas is fast approaching and art makes a fabulous gift, but it can be hard to know what to buy so that the recipient likes it. I thought I’d write a quick guide to choosing the perfect gift so that your choice takes pride of place.

Step 1) Get to know what the recipient likes. Observe what art they already have – pay attention to the subject, style, colour preferences and also the size of the art they have. It is important that any new art isn’t massive or tiny in comparison to the existing art your loved one owns, and that it will fit with their style and subject preferences.

Step 2) Ask their opinion of any art you see when out together. This will help you further refine your choice later.

Step 3) Set a budget. There is art available at a wide range of price points. If you can’t afford an original, look for a quality print instead. Art can also be printed onto various products to make fantastic stocking-fillers.

Step 4) Browse art that meets your budget and select a work in an appropriate style and size for the intended participant.

Step 5) Order, wrap and wait for the big day!

There is a brilliant range of wonderful art available to buy on the Outside In website. If you see a piece of art you like on someone’s online gallery, you can ask about how to purchase it and how much it costs by emailing Or, you can purchase directly via the Online Shop.

To see a selection of my artwork (pictured), visit my Outside In portfolio page.

I wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

One thought on “How to find the right art to give as a gift this Christmas

  1. It sounds like too much to do, achieve towards people who might actually not ‘really love you – just as you are’. – My advice: DIY your Xmas present with whatever you have or what comers to your mind when you think about the person you want to surprise with it. Paint, sculpture, draw, collect, cook, plant, sort, write, think, imagine, wrap, dare, be bold, believe in yourself!!! – Anyone who doesn’t like your present in the end just deserves to be ‘written off’ your own type of ‘good fairy’ list! x

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