Great new work on our website

For the last month, Outside In’s Artist Coordinator Hannah Whitlock has been travelling around the country supporting new and existing Outside In artists to photograph their work and upload it to their own online gallery on the project’s website. Now at the mid-way point, Hannah has written a reflection on her travels so far.

“Our Surgery Days are run for artists who need some support with signing up to the Outside In website. It’s a vital part of the project, reaching out to artists who define themselves as facing barriers to the art world. During a one hour one-to-one session, the artist meets with a member of the team to go through an online sign up process. We ask artists to bring five pieces of original work so the team can give advice on the best way to take high quality photographs. This is important when signing up with us as most of our submissions are digital – a high-quality photograph could be the difference between selection and non-selection.

We also support artists who attend to write an artist statement, and submit a piece of work to our Online Shop if that’s something they want to do. There is also the opportunity for any questions about artistic practice or professional development.

We are always extremely grateful when a volunteer joins the team for a Surgery Day, giving up their time to help support our work. We’d like to say a really big thank you to the volunteers who have helped us out: Vicky Milner, Anthony Stevens, Becky McCardle and Kate Simms. I also wanted to thank the venues and organisations for their support in making the Surgery Days possible.

So far we have visited Leeds, Manchester, Derby,  Hastings, London, Brighton, Newcastle, Morpeth, Chichester, Worcester, and Salisbury – and there’s more to come over the next few weeks! It’s been a fantastic opportunity to meet people and experience such a hugely diverse variety of art work.

Below are a few examples of the sort of work I’ve seen on my travels.

Michael H Thomas, Unicorn Mirabee

Michael H Thomas, Unicorn Mirabee

Beth Smith, Estuary 2

Beth Smith, Estuary 2

Horace Lindezey, Letter to Rudolph Walker

Horace Lindezey, Letter to Rudolph Walker

June Jones, Styled by a Monsoon

June Jones, Styled by a Monsoon

It’s been a privilege to give a platform to such talented artists and I am looking forward to travelling to new parts of the UK, spreading the word about the project, meeting new artists and seeing their work.”

Featured image (left): Susan Mills, Patchwork Jacket

To visit the online galleries on our website, please click here. Alternatively, if you’d like to sign up to one of our upcoming Surgery Days, please click here to see where we’ll be holding them.


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