Outside In visits… RobArt

On 10 March, Outside In’s Artist Coordinator Hannah Whitlock, and Communications Officer Kate Davey visited Outside In artist RobArt. Here Kate talks about the visit and Rob’s work.
RobArt, Untitled

RobArt, Untitled

We visited Rob at St Peter’s and St James’ Hospice just outside of Lewes following his frequent correspondence with Outside In over the past couple of years. Every few weeks, we receive beautiful drawings accompanied by a letter from Rob. His work is undoubtedly influenced by comic books; which are delivered to his home monthly by David’s Comic Book store in Brighton. Seeing his room, there is further evidence of the influence of superheroes and villains.

His walls are adorned with posters depicting Moshi Monsters and Batman, as well as a montage created especially for him by a nurse at the Hospice that combines superheroes and the real-life heroes of Rob’s life. There is even a re-imagining of Da Vinci’s Last Supper, where Christ’s disciples have been replaced with famous comic book characters.

RobArt, Untitled

RobArt, Untitled

During our visit, Rob told us about the plans for his upcoming birthday party to be held at the Hospice. Last year, he produced a magic show, which is being followed this year by a puppet show. Rob is busy collecting the back drops for the puppet narratives, most of which are toy sets: the Joker, Batman, and Superman.

Rob attends two art classes that regularly take place at the Hospice, and, on entering and leaving, we noticed that his work was dotted around the corridors. He told us about a now retired nurse who would rotate the display of his drawings at reception every month or so. He draws every single day, using coloured pens from Clarkes’ stationers, producing several new characters, or replicas of the same characters but in different colours.

RobArt, Untitled

RobArt, Untitled

Rob has had several drawings of his published in comic-focused magazines and publications, and he is also a writer of poetry and fiction. Writing his first book at the age of twenty-one (entitled ‘Aum of the Omniverse), you can read Rob’s second book, ‘Astro-Domain’ online by clicking here.

It was really great for Hannah and I to put a face to a name after speaking to Rob via letter for so long, and the visit gave us a huge insight into his inspiration and love of comic book characters, heroes and supervillains. We’ll be eagerly awaiting news of how the puppet show went following his birthday party in April!

Click here to see more of RobArt’s work

RobArt, Untitled

RobArt, Untitled


One thought on “Outside In visits… RobArt

  1. Lovely drawings RobArt, thank you for making them, and great to see the different characters. About Aum of the ommniverse The title alone, a work of genius! and inclusive of everything! from Phil.

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