Support Pallant House Gallery’s Community P-rogramme

Until 1 February, you can catch a fantastically diverse and vibrant exhibition in the Studio at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester. Showcasing the rich and varied array of work created and donated by artists from the Gallery’s successful Community Programme, the exhibition will provide essential core funding for the continuation of the Programme’s important work. Numbering over 80 works, everything on show is for sale at affordable prices, with proceeds going straight to the Gallery’s Community Programme.

The Community Programme itself has evolved over twelve years and is today widely respected for providing long-term, meaningful creative opportunities for a diverse range of people from the local community. It now numbers over 150 active members. The Studio is at the heart of it all, hosting a varied weekly programme of creative activities to suit people’s interests and needs. There is an avoidance of labelling and a focus on delivering projects and programmes that enable a broad range of people to access the Gallery.

Over the twelve years since is conception, there has been a gradual evolving of a series of principles and a shared set of core values for working with people on the Learning and Community Programme at the Gallery. These include:

  • To treat everyone fairly and equally
  • To recognise that everyone is entitled to a creative life
  • To respect the individual and their creativity in whatever form it is presented
  • To support the growth and development of people in a way that is best suited to them and their creativity
  • To direct people towards what is most appropriate for their development whether at the Gallery or beyond

The innovative work carried out in the Community Programme at the Gallery has been widely recognised and acclaimed by The Adapt Award for Excellence in Access for its work with people with disabilities, the awarding of the Gulbenkian Prize for the museum of the year in 2007 and the Partners in Art scheme was commended in the Museums and Heritage Awards as an example of innovative education practice.

Below is a selection of work from the show:

Jason Ireland, Nice and Warm

Jason Ireland, Nice and Warm £120 (framed)

Bridget Peachy, Fields Behind Chilgrove Studio 3, £100 (framed)

Bridget Peachy, Fields Behind Chilgrove Studio 3, £100 (framed)

Julie Hurman, Flowers in a Vase, £80 (unframed)

Julie Hurman, Flowers in a Vase, £80 (unframed)

Doreen Thomas, Untitled, £50 (unframed)

Doreen Thomas, Untitled, £50 (unframed)

Philip La Roche, Another World, £125 (framed)

Philip La Roche, Another World, £125 (framed)

If you are interested in any of the images above, or would like to find out more about Pallant House Gallery’s Community Programme, you can either click here, or email Lucy Greenfield:


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